30 May

Is your Galaxy S21 plus screen broken after a bad fall? The display stays black when the phone vibrates and rings to prove it's alive? Touch screen no longer responds to any area or full screen? Are many scratches causing operational problems? In short, you can no longer use your phone and hope www.alfalahmobiles.com.au can help you … but of course!


From our experience, we know that the Galaxy S21 plus screen, like all phone screens, is essential for mobile usage and yet it is the most critical part. But why change the phone when you can fix this Galaxy S21 plus screen yourself? This is now possible with our clear and commented repair guide. We will guide you step by step in this tutorial so that you can change this Galaxy S21 plus screen repair in Sydney yourself.

But why change my Galaxy S21 plus screen myself? For economic and environmental reasons! Changing your S21 screen instead of buying a mobile phone is a real economy. Not to mention the advantages over purchasing a new device! But repairing your phone instead of replacing it also means keeping the planet safe and limiting its CO2 effects! Repair instead of throwing away, avoid the trap of planned depreciation! An idea you can apply to all your everyday devices!

One last thing before you start repairing this Galaxy S21 plus screen: back up your data as a precaution!

Symptoms :

broken screen

black screen

Dead pixels

Display fault

Touch problem

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